Keeping a GOOD MOOD means being socially and environmentally responsible.

So if crafting high quality clothing is what we do, keeping the pulse of our “good mood” beating into the future is what we strive for – the best of our people and territory.


Just words? Nah. We monitored and measured the impact of the supply chain of one of our core products with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)


A good mood is contagious and we are proud of having created through the years a network of valuable production partners who share our same work ethics.

We call it our “good-hood”, a neighbourhood of 20km radius enabling us to keep our work smart and increasingly circular.

Smart production

We hold our production accountable to high standards for our clients, our teams and the environment, investing in more efficient technologies and in renewable sources of energy.


We strive to reduce waste at the source and to recycle the inevitable by-products of our production, continuing to invest in the creation of new, circular supply chains.

Design Excellence

Embedded in our DNA is the search for the best materials available to ensure product’s functionality in sync with environmental and social needs. Our supply chains are traced, transparent and GOTS certified. Download our E-Report here.



Quality materials ensure environmental responsibility and durability. GOTS certified organic cotton represents 95% of our raw materials inventory.

Transparency and traceability

Our supply chains are closely monitored and, on request, each step can be traced on blockchain according to our client’s needs. Download our environmental and social policy here.

Futuristic Craftsmanship

The synergic cooperation of industry, craftsmanship and creative engineering is what makes Italian design uniquely valuable and aesthetically aspirational.

Our work perpetuates textile traditions, our spirit continues to innovate them season after season to help our clients maintain relevance.

Perpetuate heritage

From embroidery to printing, each project is the result of century old traditions innovated with the latest technologies.

Tailor-made industrialized solutions

Answering our clients most specific needs means delivering non-standard, tailor-made solutions which we engineer to scale for the global market.

The impact of our Good Mood in numbers:








textile waste






living wages